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at the Theosophical Society of England, Address: 50 Gloucester Pl, Marylebone, London W1U 8EA

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October 18th: Quantum Physics, The Vedas & Astrology

at the Brighton Astrology Group Hove

Sona Sachdeva

Sona Sachdeva

A Talk by Sonal Sachdeva

Jyotish, in Sanskrit, translates as ‘shining light’. Its etymological meaning is giving the Light of knowledge from the Sun. Literally, to become ‘illuminated’ with the gift of foresight. This is the special power of Sun God Savitur to see beyond what is.

Jyotish or Hindu Astrology forms a minor yet significant part of the ‘Vedas’ which are among the oldest Sanskrit scriptures and have survived for over 5,000 years. The origin of this sacred wisdom is said to have been received by the ancient sages in the form of ‘knowing’. without any kind of human intervention.

Its basis of instruction is on sound and vibration and phonetics.Hence all Vedantic knowledge is fundamentally based on sound. While the Western Civilization is Solar/Sun or Light based. Thus, the roots of Eastern philosophy and specifically the wisdom of the Vedic Tradition,differs markedly from the Western one.

Long before Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung gave us foundations of Psychotherapy, the Vedas (Vedic Astrology) had already explored the dark, demonic forces lurking within the subconscious mind.

Fascinating Link between Quantum Physics and the Vedas.

Space-time concepts and human consciousness are fully explored in the Vedas and draw remarkable parallels with the metaphysical theories that modern scientists grapple with today.

As Robert Oppenheimer, often called the father of the nuclear bomb, and a significant contributor to the field of quantum mechanics, was clearly enamoured by Vedic literature, declaring that, “Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries.”

From simple Astrological concepts to multi universes to Quantum Physics, we will explore all these through the lens of the ancient sacred Vedas.

Year 2018

UAC May 24th – 28th 2018 in Chicago USA

Speaking and Trade Stall for the Circle of Divine AstroEssences

at UAC.


Atmakaraka and Amtyakaraka: The King and his Minister in the Planetary Pantheon in your Chart

27th April – 2nd May 2017

2017 Astrology Conference
Book Now for Earlybird Prices until April 11th>

 27th April -2nd May 2017 London, UK.

The Workshops are with Pandit Samavedula, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss and Sanjay Rath

The Faculty of Esteemed Vedic Astrologers:-

Pdt Sanjay Rath, Sarbani Rath, Pdt Samavedula, Bill Sinclair, Keiko Ito, Bulbul Barrett, Vijaya Subramanian, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss, Julie Swietlik, Geoffrey Pearce, Gordon Brennan and Sonal Sachdeva.

Friday 28 April at 11/13 Mandeville Place

4:30pm A Sonal Sachdeva. The Pushkar Navamsas.

Certain navamshas are considered very auspicious. The talk will discuss these and the impact of benefics and malefics on these enriching degrees.

  Full Day Nakshatras Workshop

Previous Events 2017


Tithi : The Solar-Lunar Angle in Your Chart At Aquarius Severn Isbourne Centre , Cheltenham UK on Thursday 3rd August 2017, 7.30pm

In Jyotish (Vedic Astrology),  the Panchanga (Hindu Calendar) has at its core the relationship between the Moon and the distance it has travelled from the Sun. This Sun- Moon angle points to five key themes that will always reign in our lives.

Each of these angles have a unique flavour that colour our way of being. Enormous insights can be deciphered solely from the Solar-Lunar relationship, long before we have even delved into the Natal Chart!

Please bring your birth charts along and get in touch if your would like to know your Panchanga details prior to the talk: sonalsach108@gmail.com

Sonal Sachdeva is a film-maker, new media  enthusiast and an astrologer who studied under Liz Greene at the CPA. Her films deal with social issues, the environment, and the ways people from different cultures live, think and feel. In 2010 she founded a group Circle of Divine Astrology, which holds events, discussions, talks and multimedia projects in London.

Previous Events 2016

27th November 2016

East West Wisdom
A Workshop on Crystal Healing, Palmistry and Sound Mantras



Bookings at Astrological Lodge of London

Previous Events : Saturday, 7th November 2015

Secrets of the 12 Ascendants, the Planets that do well for each and the relationship karma associated with each.



Previous Events : Saturday, 27 th June 2015


Previous Event : Saturday, April 11th 2015



   Previous Events : December 14th 2014, Festive Special 

Whole day workshop on Feng Shui, Healing, Mantra tailor made to you, Movement expression, a Film Screening of “The Song of New Earth ” a  film on Sound Healing , from one of world’s finest Sound healers on the planet. Festive Lunch, Resfreshments served throughout the day.                       £ 30 if you book in advance , £ 35 at the Door.



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